The Benefits of 5-Axis Machining over 3-Axis Machining

The Benefits of 5-Axis Machining over 3-Axis Machining

Traditional CNC machines use only 3-axes: X, Y and Z. The main difference between 3-axis and 5-axis is a 5-axis machines can move in all three linear directions and have two additional rotary directions. There are many advantages to using a 5-axis machine over traditional 3-axis machining. Below are some of the main benefits and remember, when it comes to precisely machined parts, you need an experienced, precision machine shop. Let our expert team here at Better-Mold Industrial Co.,Ltd help meet your CNC and manufacturing needs.

  1. Complex Shapes

One of the main benefits is that complex shapes and features can be machined with five-axis CNC machines. Additional movement allows for the creation of angles and arcs previously only possible with many special fixtures or additional setups. Five-axis machining can save time and money when additional steps are eliminated.

  1. There are fewer setups

Five-axis CNC machines are capable of machining almost every surface visible, except the bottom and clamping areas. This versatility significantly reduces the need to have multiple setups and special fixtures. 

  1. Relational accuracy

Every setup change can lead to impreciseness. The machine will not align a part accurately once it is removed. Using the same "zero", or "home" location improves feature-to-feature accuracy.

  1. Machining with 3+2 Axis

Some parts cannot be machined simultaneously with 5-axis movement. There are also parts that can be machined more efficiently with 3+2 movement.

The fourth and fifth axes in 3+2 machining are used to position the work piece (or the cutting tool depending on the machine type) in a fixed location. These scenarios do not require all five axes to be moving simultaneously.

Similar tool paths could be achieved with a three-axis machine but it requires loading and unloading among multiple machines, fixtures, or setups. The five-axis machine reduces downtime, human error and eliminates the need to use special fixtures. 3+2 machining is the best choice for parts that have features or holes on multiple faces and angles.

  1. Superior Surface Finish

The rotating fourth and fifth can be used to position the part so that it is closer to the cutter. The cutting tool can be made shorter if the part is closer to the tool. A shorter cutting tool will be less susceptible to vibrations at higher cutting speeds. This directly impacts the surface finish.

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