CNC Machining

CNC Machining

Better-Mold is an AS9100D, ISO9001 certified cnc machining supplier.
Our CNC machining team have rich experience ,most of staff more than 8 years’ experience in high precision CNC machining line ,and we have four CNC machining team,they work in two shift and always competing with each other, especially for the volume productions.
What CNC machining service we can offer ?
Better-Mold can provide both CNC milling ,CNC turning, Turn milling compound machine,CNC turning with live tooling.
The large part CNC milling we can machining size is 3000mm*2100mm.
The large part CNC Turning we can machining size is DIA700mm*1250mm .
What kinds CNC machine Better-Mold have ?
We have two CNC machining shop and our CNC machine center range from 3-Axis machine,4-Axis machine ,5-Axis CNC machining to CNC turning with live tooling.We have very good CNC machine brand such as Brother,Mazak,DMG,HASS .
5 Axis CNC machine :  DMG DMU 75 MonoBLOCK Universal Machining Centre and 2 more five Axis CNC machine with TSUDAKOMA TWA-200 .
CNC turning with live tooling: Mazak QT-COMPACT 200MSYL machine multi-tasking turning center.
What detail material Better-Mold can CNC machining ?
Material We Have Been Machining before:

Aluminum MIC-6,A2017,AL2024,AL6061,AL7075,2A12,AL5052,AL6082,AL6063,AL6060,AL7075-T73
Stainless steel 440C,410,420,465,17-4PH,303,304,316L,316F,303SE,15-5PH
Carbon Steel 12L14,1025,1045,1018,CRS,C45,1013,S50,Mild steel,low carbon steel,Q235,Q345B,iron,gray iron,A36,1214,1215,1213
Tool Steel 4140,4130,NAK55,718H, PX9,A-265,4340 ,SKD11,SKD61,A2,M2,P20,S136,S7
Bronze Phosphor bronze,Bearing Bronze,Oil Bronze,Alminum Bronze,Nickel aluminum bronze,TU1,TUP
Copper C11000, C12000, C12000, C26000, C51000,C36000,C18200,Tungsten copper,Beryllium copper,WUCU
Brass HPb63, HPb62, HPb61, HPb59, H59, H68, H80, H90,C360,C2600,C26000,C27000
Engineering Plastic ABS,PC,POM,Acetal,PEEK,RADEL,GMS Nylon,PEI,PET,PPSU,ULTEM 1000,UHWPE,Nylon,PA6,PA6/6,PMMA,PS,PC/ABS,PTFE,PP,PVC,PU,Delrin,PE,LDPE,HDPE,glass fiber,Carbon fiber,
Special Material UNS32750,SAF2507,FR4,G10,3024 Laminate, 99AD ALUMINA,Kavor,ESD,CP-TI,TI Alloy,Co-based alloy,Nickel-base alloy: Incoloy Alloy,Incone ,Hastelloy, Monel Alloy

What surface treatment Better-Mold can done for us ?
We familiar with different surface treatment ,such as anodize ,zinc plated,nickel plated,chrome plated,powder coating,painting,oxide black,passivate,bead blast with anodize,silk-printing, everlube 620,Teflon coating after anodize, titanizing plated.
What drawing format Better-Mold can reading ?
3D CAD model software: UG,PRO/E,Mastercam,Solidworks.
3D CAD Model Format: .IGS, .STP,,.X_T, .SLDPRT, .sldasm
2D Drawing format: .PDF,JPG,PNG,DWG,DXF

What software your team CNC program ?
Better-Mold team familiar with different sofrware,include UG, Mastercam 2017,Powermill, HyperMill,Espritcam.
What advantages of Better-Mold CNC machining shop?
Our Advantage:
1.) Skilled workers and more than 10 years precision machining experience .
2.) Factory price: we have two factory can run your parts quickly.
3.) Short lead time 3-5days
4.) 100% full inspection keep our quality at high side.
5.) Advanced CNC machining machine and full CMM inspection machine
6.) No MOQ,1pcs can be accept.
7.) Tight tolerance can reach to +/-0.0015mm.
What size Better-Mold can machining ?
CNC milling we can machining size is 3000mm*2500mm.
CNC Turning we can machining size is φ700mm*1250mm
What processing can done by Better-Mold ?
Better-Mold have full processing machine to machining every processing ,we have our own machine :
3 Axis CNC miling machine/ 4 axis CNC milling machine/5 axis CNC milling machine.
1turret 1spindle CNC turning machine/ 1turret 2spindle CNC turning machine.
Grinding machine,Wire-cutting machine,Manual lathe machine,Mirro EDM,Ground Grinding machine,manual milling machine,laser mark machine,brush machine,bead blast machine, ultrasonic cleaning machine.

What we can do for your CNC machining project ?
Better-Mold as a high precision CNC contract machine shop,we aim to offer you professional precision CNC Machining service on quick-turn, low volume production,short lead time,100% quality inspection control and on time delivery.

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