Plastic Injection Mold & Molding

Better-Mold have more than 20 years experience in plastic injection mold & molding. Our injection molding customers tend to be in industries such as automotive , appliance, electronic , computer ,medical, aerospace, defense, and robotics. 
Our capabilities range from cast urethane for up to small quantity, to aluminum mould for a couple thousand parts, to hardened steel mould for plastic injection molding at high volume. We have rich experience to molding ABS, PC/ABS, PC, PMMA,PS,PEEK, ULTEM, Nylon and Glass-filled plastic. Additionally, we can apply textures and match your color specifications.
In view to quote exactly, we hope you can provide us more detail informations as follows.
1. 3D CAD model and a 2D drawing that details tolerances, material, color, texture, inserts and any other details.
2. The special requirements on mold steel or mold life you hope .
3. The part cavity design you hope or the each part quantity you need so that we ca help you design mold cavity.
4. The mould should export to your company or injection moulding in our factory.
5. How many quantity you plan to molding in total or quantity for each batch .
Once we receive your request for quote and engineering data, our process for injection molding is as follows:
  1. We provide a quotation quickly ,typically within 48 hours.
   2. After we received your PO,our engineer will prepare DFM reports for you approved, in this DFM reports we will make some suggestions (if needed) to improve the part so that it is better to injection molding or assembly.  We will also will detail our strategy for the design of your mold including injection gating, ejector pin place, part-line,mold flow analysis, and project points. The report is typically ready within 1 week after your PO receipt.
  3. Once you approve our DFM report,our engineer will start mold design ,both 3D CAD model and 2D dwg format,and then send you double checking and approved. 
  4.After you approved the mold design drawing,we will start mold machining,generally speaking,we will finishing your mold machining within 2-4 weeks ,the detail time depending on part complexity.
  5.We will inspection carefully all your mold parts at machining processing ,so that assurance it assembly well,especially for the mold core/cavity,mold slider,mold insert,copper electrode will do full size CMM inspection.
  6. We will send you weekly reports during mold machining,both processing machining plan and pictures,so that you can control your project timely and better communicate with your customer .
  7. We will trial mold ( T0 ) quickly when your mold complete and perfect it quickly if there any questions ( T1 ),and we will send you the first test parts (T1 sample) for your checking.  In your quote and project plan, we will allow for 3times (T1, T2 and T3) ,but we often finish the mold when T1 or T2 sample .We will inspection the parts and send the questions detail to you after every mold test ,and will not apply a texture to the mold until you approve the part sample.
  8. We injection molding the part according your PO and do the silk-printing ,painting ,assembly and ship them to you with inspection reports and material certifications.