CNC Machines
Better-Mold offer full processing machining service,and have full processing machine in our own shop,range from 5-Axis CNC Machining,4th-Axis CNC Machining,Large Part 3-Axis CNC Machining,CNC Milling,CNC Turning,EMD,Slow-Wire Cutting,Grinding,Lathe,Manuel Milling Machine,CNC Turning with live Toling and Y-Axis.

We also have full inspection Machine in high precision machining line,such as CMM,High Gauge,Project.

Our Machining Machine as follows:

.(1) DMG DMU 75monoBLOCK---5-Axis CNC Machining  Center.
.(2) FEELER VFP-32A ---5-Axis CNC Milling Machine center.
.(1) Mazak QT-COMPACT 200MSY/500L---CNC Turning Center with live tooling and Y-Axis (φ340*700mm).
.(1) JFS KT52---
CNC Turning Center with live tooling and Y-Axis (φ470*800mm).
.(1) FEELER VMP-65A---Large 3-Axis CNC Milling Machining Center (1650 x 800 x 800mm).
.(1) Brother Speedio S500Z1----Super Speed CNC 3 Axis CNC center(16000rpm).
.(3) Brother Speedio S700Z2N----Super Speed CNC 3 Axis CNC center(27000rpm)
.(2) HAAS DT-1 --- Super Speed CNC 3 Axis Machining Center(16000rpm).
.(3) BaoFeng 850V ----3 Axis CNC Machine with 4th Axis.800 x 500 x500mm
.(3) BaoFeng 850L------3 Axis CNC Machine800 x 500 x500mm
.(4) Jirfine 850L/850V-----3 Axis CNC Machine800 x 600 x500mm
.(2) FEELER VFP-32A ----3 Axis CNC Machine 800 x 500 x500mm
.(4) STS CT52 CNC Turning Machine. (φ300  x 500mm)
.(10) STS XCP45 CNC Turning Machine. (φ240  x 800mm)
.(3) SUDI B45 ---Mirror EDM(420 x 320 x 300mm
.(4) HS618---Flat Grinding Machine 450 x 320 x300mm
.(13) FengBao M4---Milling Machine (600 x 900 x 350mm)
.(2) Lathe Machine
.(1) Kent Ground Flat Grinding Machine 
.(6) Wire-Cutting Machine
.(3) Injection Molding Machine ---128T/250T

Our Inspection Equipment as follows:
Better-Mold has a state-of-the-art inspection lab that is temperature and humidity controlled.
.(1) Zeiss CONTURA 7106---Coordinate Measuring Machine(1000*700*600)
.(1) SEREIN-Tango686---Coordinate Measuring Machine(800*600*600)
.(6) TESA-H700---Height Gage(0-700)
.(4) GoodVision-MVP400CNC---Projector (400*300*200)

.(1) Toolmakers Mircroscope – Precise Inspection of Small Parts
.(1) Mitutoyo SJ-210---Surface Roughness Tester
.(2) Film Thickness Gauge
.(1) Niton XL 2---Metal Elemental Analysis
.(1) LeeB YQLee958---Fault Detector
.(2) Hardness Tester – Determine Material Hardness
.(2) Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment
.Full Complement of Thread Gages,Ring Gages, Height Gages, Gage Block,Gage Pins, Calipers and Micrometers