CNC Turning

Better-Mold Industrial Co.,Ltd provides the high precision CNC turning services for customers from China and Overseas.
Our Mazak QT-COMPACT 200MSYL machine can run your parts at Ra0.1 shiny with ± 0.0001” tight tolerance.
We have been machining different material ,such as stainless steel,steel,aluminum,copper,brass,bronze,nylon,acetal,PTFE,Titanium,UNS32750,SAF2507,PMMA,PEI,PEEK,ABS,PC, FR4,G10,3024 Laminate,99AD ALUMINA,Kavor,ESD,CP-TI,TI Alloy,Co-based alloy,Nickel-base alloy: Incoloy Alloy,Incone ,Hastelloy, Monel Alloy.
We have can machining big size as DIA φ700mm and length is 1250mm.