Injection mold shop
CNC Machining shop
CNC workshop-3
CNC workshop-4
Zeiss CONTURA 7106 CMM Inspection
CNC workshop-1
CNC workshop-2
Intelligent robot palm parts.-5-Axis CNC Machining
Optical parts-5-Axis CNC Machining-6061-T6 Aluminium,Black Anodize
6061-T6 Aluminium,Motorcycle parts,Clear Anodize,5-Axis CNC Machining
ABS,5-axis CNC prototype machining
Motorcycle yacht parts-5-Axis CNC Machining-Rapid prototyping-1
Nozzle connector,AL 6061-T6 parts,3,4,5-axis,CNC machining
UHMW-PE-1000,Tolerance + / - 0.02mm,CNC Machining,Medical Part
Driving internal and external gears,AISI 4340 48-52HRC
AL 6061-T6,Black Anodize
POM-150,intelligent robot,CNC Machining,5-Axis CNC Machining
Ultra precision ceramic parts, tolerance: + / - 0.01mm
7075-T6 Aluminium-Optics part
Die accessories, high speed tool steel, heat treatment 58-60hrc, tolerance + / - 0.01mm
AL 6061-T6,3,4,5-axis,CNC machining
3,4,5-axis,CNC machining AL6061-T6,High precision tolerance, + 0.00 / - 0.01mm
Better-Mold-Aerospace Parts-3,4,5-axis,CNC machining-4
112L14 steel, raw materials imported from Germany. The thickness of nickel plating is 0.02mm
17-4PH H1025 SS,Aerospace parts
Better-Mold-Aerospace Parts-3,4,5-axis,CNC machining,5-asix CNC Machining-Aerospace parts-2
CNC turning parts -High transparency PMMA
CNC turning parts - Auto parts - POM food grade
Better-Mold-CNC Turuing 304 SS Parts
Brass turning parts
Better-Mold-CNC Turuing 303 S Steel Part
Better-Mold-CNC Turuing 7075-T6511 Aluminum, OD12 "* 25"
SS 316 -Ectropolishing
Multi task turning compound precision parts.
CNC precision parts of hydraulic system
CNC turning precision parts, nickel base alloy / duplex stainless steel
Better-Mold-CNC TURNING MACHINE-12L14 Steel-Hard chromium plating
Medical part-Robot Arm
Medical part-Operation box
Medical part-Support rod
Medical part-Top cover plate
Medical part-Shaft external lug
Medical part-Torso Fwdback
Medical part-Inspect the plate carrier parts.
Medical part-316L Stainless Steel.
Medical part-Titanium Alloy parts
Intelligent medical robot parts
Medical robot-Stainless steel precision parts
Noninvasive medical needle
Medical parts-Sealed 4-hole joint-316L Stainless Steel
Medical robot arm parts
Medical robot parts
Automobile injection mold
Injection mold
Automobile injection mold-2
5mm thick steel powder white
Electronic equipment housing, 6061 aluminum, black powder coating
Galvanized steel / 304 stainless steel, bank card reader bracket
AL 6061-T0,Buckle, aerospace
5052-H32 AL
Spring leaf, 0.2mmthk 301 stainless steel
Infrared camera bracket. 303 stainless steel.
Optical Part-7075-T651 Aluminum Manipulator Parts.
Optical parts-Lens rotation bracket parts
Optical part-Mechanical rotary joint
Optical part-Position the retainer plate
Optical part-Convert display lens parts
Optical part-Display lens parts
Optical part-AL
Optical part-Magnification lens parts
Optical part-Camera lens
Optical Part- 7075 Aluminum Support Parts
Black Hard anodize & PTFE
TIN-Titanium plating
Alodine+ Clear Anodize
Clear Hard Anodize-
Black nickel plating
Powder coating