Better-Mold is a quality vendor that aim to offer fast precision CNC machining and Plastic injection molding manufacturing service
30+ Years Experience,Small Qty 1-50pcs ,1-3days Quick Lead Time, 100+ different material
CNC Machining service
CNC Machining
Our latest 5Axis CNC Machining center could delivery the prototypes parts and mass production parts used in all kind of industry.
Plastic Injection Mold service
We combine rapid injection molding processes with proprietary technology and an experienced team to deliver high quality injection molded parts, helpi
3D print
Rapid Prototype & 3D Printing
We can provide quick turnaround prototype parts in a matter of days, taking your prototyping needs from concept to fruition in a wide range of materia
Casting Mold & Casting service
Casting Mold & Casting
We have a team with rich experience in casting mould and casting technology
SheetMetal & Stamping
SheetMetal & Stamping
We have an experienced team in sheetmetal fabrication technology
Aerospace Parts
Aerospace Parts
We have an experienced team in sheetmetal fabrication technology
Medical Parts service
Medical Parts
we are the supplier of endoscope and laparoscope, DMG DMU75 5-Axis, Mazak CNC Turning with live tooling,High speed Brother CNC Machine,Mold Design Mol
Optical Parts Services
Optical Parts
we are the supplier of optical parts,laser machine,optical inspection
Surface Treatment service
Surface Treatment
We have an experienced team in surface treatment technology
Better-Mold-MAZAK QT-200MSYL-1
Better-Mold-BF-850V CNC Machined
VMP-65A,Y:1650,Z:800mm CNC Machine
Better-Mold-5-Axis CNC Machine-FEELER-VFP-32A 800*500*500
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