Surface Treatment

Surface Treatment

Because finishing:processes affect surface finish (and therefore part size), we do not recommend applying secondary finishes to high-tolerance parts, as the finishing process can remove or add enough material to put the finished part out of size tolerance.

Better Mold offers the following secondary finishes for your machined and sheet metal fabrication parts.

Chem-Film Coating:Also known as chemical conversion coating, chromate coating or zinc coating, aluminumor nickel coating this process creates a surface that is corrosion resistant, durable and exhibits stable electrical conductivity.

Anodizing: Anodizing is an electro chemical process that converts the metal saluminium, typically) into a decorative, durable, corrosion-resistant, anodic oxide finish.

Powdercoating: Powdercoat paints with texture (Sandtex Polyester and Textured Polyester) will cover tool marks with no additional finishing operation.

Grained Finish: Part is deburred and scratched using a brush/sander to create a specific grain. This is ideal for parts where a uniform bare finish is required, but powder coating is not desired.

Due to geometry, grained finish can only be applied to the outside surfaces of CNC machined and sheet metal fabrication parts, NOT on the inside of the parts.

Non-textured paints (Smooth Polyester, Smooth Epoxy and Smooth Polyester-Epoxy Blend Hybrid) will not cover tool marks on their own. As a result, an additional finishing operation such as grained finish will need to be performed as well.

Digital Printing:This is ideal for branding (such as your logo), labelling connectors and switches and for decorative purposes. (Silkscreening is also available, as an alternative to digital printing).

Machined Engraving: This is a form of permanent marking, ideal for labelling, branding or schematics. Also known as etching, machined engraving is available with powder coat painting, grained finish, anodising and chem film chromate coating, depending on the material.

See below samples of manufactured products.